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The Easter kids activities are next level at The Table Bay Hotel, Cape Town

Calling all Easter holiday-makers! If you’re coming to Cape Town with kids from the 18th of April, then I really super hope that you’ll be staying at The Table Bay Hotel at the V&A Waterfront. Treat your kids to The Table Bay’s very own and exclusive Oscar’s Club. Your gorgeous kids will be fully entertained from Friday 18 April to Monday 21 April from 10:30 to 15:30 daily. The very best address for family travel this season.
Activities, crafts, cooking and entertainment include: Bunny Bunting DIY, Easter Biscuits Baking, Bunny Mask Craft, Chocolate Play-Dough Making, Bunny Paper Cups Craft, Outdoor Fun, Puppet Shows, Interactive Stories, Music, Drama, Dancing, Bunny Basket Craft and of course – The Annual Easter Egg Hunt. Find out more about the Oscar’s Kids Club here and follow The Table Bay hotel on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

This luxury Cape Town hotel boasts 329 fully air-conditioned rooms that range from luxury rooms and family rooms to superior luxury rooms and suites. All Table Bay Hotel rooms are fitted with walk-in cupboards, marble finishes and writing desks. Room service is available 24/7 and a turn down service is issued twice a day.
We’ll be staying in the Superior Luxury Family Room over Easter Weekend and thoroughly look forward to it. With the boys fully entertained and engrossed in play, we’ll be able to sneak off to the various restaurants on site, indulge in their Winter High Tea or take a quick (complimentary) shuttle to the V&A Waterfront right next door. You also might find me at their very own Camelot Spa which is open from 09:00 to 21:00 daily and open to non-residents too. Look for me at the indoor, heated swimming pool, the steam room or being deliciously pampered in general. Glorious. 
We can’t wait to explore and report back on this incredibly famous hotel – affectionately dubbed “The best address in the Cape”.


This weekend’s excursion & adventure: The Radisson Blu Hotel Cape Town

This weekend our little family will spend the weekend at Cape Town’s luxurious, exclusive and gorgeous Radisson Blu Hotel. We’re booked for the Suite – offering the utmost in comfort for families or travelers on extended stay in the city. Our suite includes a lounge, balcony, kitchenette and master bedroom with a private balcony overlooking the ocean. The suite has a second bedroom for the boys, with a shower. All Business Class amenities are included – robes, slippers, daily newspaper, free high speed internet, Nespresso coffee machine, premium movies and a breakfast buffet. If you never hear from us again, please assume that we’ve liquidated our assets and have assumed permanent residence at The Radisson Blu.

We have a few activities planned and I look forward to doing allll the Cape Town touristy things with the boys. I can’t wait to take the boys to the indoor, heated pool – and the outside pool overlooking the ocean. We’re in for a weekend of spoilage and luxury, I can’t wait! Look forward to the full review in the travel section of my blog next week, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram for updates as we live our best life at the Radisson Blu this weekend!


Social Media Training, Courses and Workshops in Cape Town South Africa

Hello! As you might know by now, after eight years in the Digital, PR and Social Media industry: I opened up my own little agency called The Birdhouse. We handle a few niche clients, help out at other agencies and our core focus is on training. We want everyyyyyone to be good at social media and to really leverage online marketing. I’ve finally finalized the rates for our super popular Social Media Workshop / Crash Course which comes with notes, templates and ongoing support. This workshop is ideal for small business owners that want to take their social media in-house or just better their current knowledge and skill set! So friends if you know of anyone in Cape Town that might be keen – here are the details! Totally just whored my blog out for advertising. Sorry blog. Not really.


Where you’ll usually find us on the weekends. A hop skip & jump from here

We spend quite a lot of time in Betty’s Bay. My mom lives out there and its just so beautiful. They’ve just moved to another little house while they look for something closer to town, and we’re really been enjoying our time there. We don’t have a lot of space at home for the boys to play in, so they really love running around in Gaga’s garden, climbing rocks, looking out for baboons, spiders, snakes and scorpions. All of which we’ve encountered – except a snake so far. I am NOT a bug person. If you want to torture me: take me camping. I will put a mattress on stilts with a mosquito net and four cans of poison next to me. I still won’t sleep. This is mostly due to the severe trauma that my brothers put me through as a child which I’ll cover with more detail in my article “All the times my parents tried to kill us”. It involved my brothers trapping me in a small enclosure with a baboon spider. For hours. Many other encounters have forever ruined my relationship with small creatures, but we’ll get there later.

When you sit on the porch at this house, you can hear the rumbling ocean so loudly that Ben keeps asking what that noise is! I love this little country beach cottage filled with proteas, mountans, antiques and fresh air. When its season, we take a few crayfish out of the water and have a little fish braai. Then we go to the beach and sometimes fish (nobody has ever caught anything) while the boys play in the rock pools with their nets. Then we have a little meaty braai, watch some sport or play music while the boys play in the garden. Sometimes after dinner we play 30 seconds which I still suck at.  Must remember to take different board games along.

On Saturday morning my mom had a really bad fall at home and broke her arm. She was in so much pain this weekend, but we did our best to cheer her up and help around the house so that she could rest and get lots of sleep. The boys were so sweet and concerned about Gaga’s sore arm and wanted every gory detail about the break and just how bad it is. They were quite disappointed that her arm isn’t completely broken off, but still pretended to be sympathetic. Such good boys.

Noah you’re at the age where you’re keeping your first long-term memories. I wonder if you’ll remember this house and the hours that you spent watering that garden, running in the sprinkler and looking for shongololos. I really hope that you do! I get terrified when you disappear between the rocks, but I’m trying to let you be a nature kid like I was. I really am trying to let go a bit and let you run off like we all used to, but things are different now – even here. Maybe I’ll relax when you’re a bit older? Maybe not. Have fun anyway!


Child Friendly Restaurants in Cape Town. Nice for people big and small.

Hello! I write for Ackermans every month and they commission me to write about random things that their audience might enjoy. That’s where I really write about parenting… Not so much here. This article is pretty cool though – so you might want to check that vibe out. All of these ratings are very much in my and my kids’ opinion. You can find the article here: Top 5 Child Friendly Restaurants in Cape Town

I write about four articles for Ackermans every month, so keep an eye out if you’re in to parenting things, trends and topics. Their blog is written only by contracted bloggers and writers, so it’s a really nice mix of content on all things fashion, food, consumer, entertainment and advice.


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