Noah is styled by Keedo! Cute kids clothing made and loved in South Africa

IMG_0768I LOVE dressing the boys. I always thought I’d want a girl to play dress-up with, but boys are so… Cool. They also love getting messy, climbing, digging, swinging, rolling and falling. Boys are busy! Girls are too, but I mean boys are… really busy. I’m a bit sneaky with their clothes – I buy everything a size or two too big so they can grow in to stuff. I mean, Noah and Ben are almost 2 years apart and they’re the same size! With all my hand-me-down dreams properly deflated, I’m really trying to make their clothes last as long as possible. Ideally, their clothes need to last two years – so they NEED to be good quality. I’ve bought clothes that haven’t survived 3 months with my two. I see all the mom’s in the audience nodding in agreement (I see you).

The boys’ individuality has really started galloping out, so I love dressing them according to their personalities. Noah is a proper little gentleman. Sure he’s a carefree and crazy 5 year old like any other, but he’s really organized. He’s polite, well mannered and quite proper. We chose this little gentleman’s outfit at Keedo Kids (a little gift to him, from them) and I say it suits him really well! I LOVE dressing Noah in this little get-up, it’s just so gorgeous. I’ll be featuring the outfit I chose for Ben in the next post. And yes, it’s totally different!





IMG_0704Keedo has an online store with Free Delivery so check out their latest ranges here. You can also find their store in most leading SA malls. In Cape Town, I love the Canal Walk store. The staff are also super friendly and really help you with finding the right sizes, cuts and styles for your baba. They create gorgeous outfits for babies to pre-teens, and you’ll love all the accessories too. Here is a peek at a few of their ranges. It’s still a bit chilly out, so I’m including some of the Winter things I saw in store too. The fox shirt below is just TOO cool. I mean this is ridiculous. I want to be little again!

10177382_685346588191158_5323278005113710979_n1964913_678500092209141_1781985644767421846_n1937440_736615296397620_3479603136418825820_n1238250_666023916790092_880519313_nAnd these are a few of my personal favourites that I’m getting for the boys for Spring / Summer. I love how timeless Keedo’s clothes are, so I know the boys can still rock these in SpringĀ  2015 you know? How cute >

1932488_749540891771727_2583535573474182688_n10672381_756221681103648_1518497595977038822_n10610906_746703598722123_54485274796522536_n10599324_739124552813361_4873578593608411480_n10414378_752254318167051_6558479897539682975_nAnd then obviously, let’s not forget about the girls. PS I noticed that all the girls dresses come with built-in little broeks. Perfect for Spring cartwheels, climbing trees and hand stands! (cause girls love these things just as much as boys do!)

10629660_753127461413070_6723888488481760133_n10574432_756175421108274_4985140363573651186_n410603729_742707692455047_3409063551674935569_n10622970_745306432195173_3549796763116951550_nSo get to Keedo for your kid’s Spring / Summer wardrobe. Everything is beautiful and you’ll definitely pick up some really great quality outfits for your special and precious little people. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter and check out their website and Keedo online store here. Most importantly, remember that Keedo is and always will be 100% bunny friendly!