Good times, bad times and all sorts of times at The Bunny House lately.

IMG_20141009_213301I’ve been writing for a few other publications, sites and blogs lately and getting my writing kicks where I can. I haven’t really been putting this blog as priority lately, and just going with it as we do. I got really in to food, health, fitness, local travel… Raising Men has changed with us and our interests over the years, which is why I can’t really label it as any sort of platform in particular. We’re just a little bit of everything these days. However, here’s a little time capsule of us, if you will.

IMG_0769Noah is such a little champion. We had him assessed with an Educational Psychologist where they checked on all aspects of his personality, emotional and mental development. It’s so important to do this. It’s SO important. A lot of things just ‘clicked’ in our feedback report. So many little quirks about Noah just started making … Read the rest

“It’s a beautiful day to save lives, people. Let’s have fun” – Derek Shepherd.

Hi I’m just here quickly to tell you that The Sunflower Fund’s National Bandana Day is on 12 October. What is Sunflower Fund? Clue: It has nothing to do with Sunflowers: The Sunflower Fund was formed in 1999 by parents whose children had contracted leukemia, and in some cases had lost their battle against it. Leukemia is a group of cancers that start in the bone marrow and results in high volumes of abnormal white blood cells. Symptoms include bleeding and bruising problems, feeling very tired and an increased risk of infections. Treatment is chemotherapy, radiation therapy and bone marrow transplants. Doesn’t sound very great, does it? Leukemia is the most common cancer amongst children. In 2012 leukemia developed in 352,000 people globally and caused 265,000 deaths. Sometimes all that these kids need is some bone marrow. Bone marrow that you have laying around and don’t really need. We’re … Read the rest

Noah is styled by Keedo! Cute kids clothing made and loved in South Africa

IMG_0768I LOVE dressing the boys. I always thought I’d want a girl to play dress-up with, but boys are so… Cool. They also love getting messy, climbing, digging, swinging, rolling and falling. Boys are busy! Girls are too, but I mean boys are… really busy. I’m a bit sneaky with their clothes – I buy everything a size or two too big so they can grow in to stuff. I mean, Noah and Ben are almost 2 years apart and they’re the same size! With all my hand-me-down dreams properly deflated, I’m really trying to make their clothes last as long as possible. Ideally, their clothes need to last two years – so they NEED to be good quality. I’ve bought clothes that haven’t survived 3 months with my two. I see all the mom’s in the audience nodding in agreement (I see you).

The boys’ individuality has really started … Read the rest

Goodbye little baby house in Observatory. It’s time for us to move on now.

20140724_092526This weekend we’re moving out of our little house in Observatory. It’s a very beautiful semi-detached house, so our neighbors have the ‘other half’ which is exactly the same size and layout. I heard that our current house was built in 1923 and with the railways, all the houses were split in 2 to accommodate the rail workers or something. So we really loved the old Victorian charm of 2 fireplaces, wooden floors and high ceilings. We really loved living here for so many reasons and made the two bedroom setup work for as long as possible!

Right now, we need a bigger garden. A storage shed. An office. A guest room. Parking. Automated gates. Heck even a driveway would be nice. I wish that I’d put up pictures of all our houses since I started Raising Men. There are so many memories in this home. Through so many good … Read the rest

We got a Border Collie! His name is Jack, and he is the very, very best dog.

IMG_20140803_140828I totally forgot to tell my blog that we got a DOG. Yes yes a real dog. Wait, we also got a new house which is why we got a new dog and it’s all so flippin’ exciting that you wouldn’t even believe it. Guys. He is the most amazing little pup. We’ve always loved both Staffies and Border Collies. Those are just THE dogs for me. I grew up with Staffies: Madonna, Wilbur, Sebastian and Caine. They were the BEST. We really wanted a Collie because of their sweet natures and intelligence. Also: How do you say no to those gorgeous blue eyes? We had to act super fast to get him as he was the only blue-eyed boy in the litter! Then we had to arrange his transport from George and it was just so exciting – all of it!

20140720_163042Jack is an absolute treat. While puppies are … Read the rest