MUST see small towns in South Africa: Laingsburg. Karoo, Western Cape

I recently traveled to Laingsburg on business and promptly mixed in as much pleasure as I could. I LOVE the Central Karoo and all the interesting little stops, history, eats, antiques and landscapes. I would pack up our little house and move this whole little family over there if I could. It is just so beautiful and just my kind of ‘middle of nowhere’. There is nothing more exciting than an open road on the way to somewhere that you have never, ever been to before. You never know what’s coming around the very next bend.
Lainsburg is rich in history! My mom told me to look out for the flood line on the main road of this teensy little town. What flood? On 25 January 1981, Laingsburg was almost completely swept away in a matter of hours in one of South Africa’s biggest natural disasters in history. A quick … Read the rest