Writers write and all of that. A tiny little baby Raising Men announcement

I love writing. I’ve been doing it for as long as I can remember. Raising Men has been an incredible outlet for me to learn, grow and enjoy my little road as a maybe / am I really? writer. I’m excruciatingly excited to tell you that I’ve just signed up with two phenomenal brands and platforms as an on-board writer. I keep refreshing my inbox in expectation that they’ve realised their awful mistake, and that they’re going to call the whole thing off.

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I’ll be writing a monthly column for Parent24. I wrote a little something for them a few months ago, and since then I’ve been welcomed in as a permanent feature. Isn’t that something? And… I have to brag because this is the BIGGEST deal for me, because Scott from Parent24 said something along the line of “All of us here enjoy your writing and humour” —> okay so that’s copy paste what he said. He churned my heart to creamy custard in that very second (and all the other times that I re-read his email. I’m a creep) Robyn from Parent24 is an absolute sweetheart. Thank you SO much Robs. My first article (inspired by Robyn) will be about Noah’s vegetarianism; and how he is the ONLY veggie in our home. I’m going to try make the article as funny as the situation actually is! All meat-eaters love a good vegetarian joke (except Noah) (and all vegetarians)

In all seriousness, Noah is an incredible little boy. His lifestyle has improved and changed all of us in so many ways. He’s so acutely aware of the world around him, and the consequence of all our actions. I’ll be chatting about how to adjust your home for a vegetarian and that adage question: Do our kids really need meat for protein? Should we tell our kids that there’s a dead cow in their cheese burger? Should parents support these important lifestyle changes from toddlers? More on this later with neutral food education suggestions for kids.

Spoiler alert: I won’t be giving any parenting advice. Mostly because I don’t have any. Everything goes in our house, and it’s pretty chaotic on a good day. As I type this I am actively hiding from my children who are still awake watching a cartoon at 20:27. By writing about motherhood, I want to creak the door open a bit and talk about being a parent. A regular, tired, scared, unorganized, trying and humored parent. Sort of. You guys… I am SO FLIPPEN EXCITED. And then there’s travel…


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The only thing that I love more than being a mom, having a family and writing: is travel! I’m obsessed with local excursions. As I’ve mentioned at least a dozen times on various platforms: Our favourite family destination is Grootbos – a Five Star Private Nature Reserve in the Overberg. I’ll be sharing this passion with the readers over at the Grootbos website as a dedicated writer. We’ll be spending more time there and sharing details on what makes Grootbos absolutely and delightfully perfect for parents.

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“Family” and “luxury” aren’t usually put in to the same description, but your stay at Grootbos is perfectly crafted and designed to GIVE you a luxurious experience, even with your crazy-fun and energetic kids! In fact – the kids are special guests and not just little people who have to be ‘catered’ for. The villas are private, the staff are incredible with children, the facilities are designed for families and the gaming room is a child’s dream! There are dozens of exciting activities on offer that were lovingly designed for kids. After visiting many other destinations, our kids always ask for Grootbos or rather “The place with the horses.” You can read my post about our first visit to Grootbos here.

So we’re really excited about all this writing, sharing and traveling that will be going on. I’m still writing for Getaway and we have a few stories on the way over there too. This feels so strange. I still picture myself as that awkward young girl, sprawled amongst my notebooks and very important diaries on my bedroom floor. Strange to think that I’ll be sharing a few words with these incredible brands. I’m overwhelmed in gratitude. And scared. Always.