We got a Border Collie! His name is Jack, and he is the very, very best dog.

IMG_20140803_140828I totally forgot to tell my blog that we got a DOG. Yes yes a real dog. Wait, we also got a new house which is why we got a new dog and it’s all so flippin’ exciting that you wouldn’t even believe it. Guys. He is the most amazing little pup. We’ve always loved both Staffies and Border Collies. Those are just THE dogs for me. I grew up with Staffies: Madonna, Wilbur, Sebastian and Caine. They were the BEST. We really wanted a Collie because of their sweet natures and intelligence. Also: How do you say no to those gorgeous blue eyes? We had to act super fast to get him as he was the only blue-eyed boy in the litter! Then we had to arrange his transport from George and it was just so exciting – all of it!

20140720_163042Jack is an absolute treat. While puppies are just the sweetest and cutest, I just want him to grow up now. I want to take him on runs and hikes and in to rivers, beaches, forests and up mountains. Really, Jack could not grow up faster. We wanted a dog that you can take anywhere and everywhere. Graeme takes Jack in the car on every school run, errand and meeting. Getting Jack was literally the first thing we did when we signed our new house. Our current home is way too small for a dog – while we so badly wanted one it would just have been way too cruel on him as he grew, no matter how many walks we took him on!

20140721_154517 Collies are also super active, energetic and love learning and playing. The first thing people say when they see Jack is “Woah, Collies need a lot of exercise!” and we’re like “Isn’t it awesome!” because we love getting out the house and going on all kinds of little missions. I can even take Jack with me on some races! We took him to the Overberg last week and he had such a great time. He is just so clever and learns things faster than you would think possible. We’ve watched a bunch of videos about other Collies, including Nana – have you seen that? I mean – WHAT????? Please watch the clip of that Collie’s tricks. It’s unbelievable. Then also find the balancing act one. So, so so cool.

20140727_214523He is GREAT with the boys. Yes, yes Collies DO try herd people – especially the boys. When they run he likes to chase and sometimes nips at their shoes or pants. It’s instinct. We’ve taught the boys from the start to maintain leadership with Jack. When he does this, they are to stand still, say a firm “NO!” to Jack and ask him to sit down. The boys LOVE, love, love Jack and they’re already the bestest little playmates. Jack sleeps with the boys, on their beds. We’ve tried getting him to sleep on his carpet or with us for cuddles, but you will always find him tucked in with the boys. His favourite spot is ON their pillows. It’s the darn sweetest.

20140728_154307 20140728_223346 20140729_180212Roger was SUPER intrigued when Jack arrived. They played so nicely, and I’m happy to report that Roger stood his ground with Jack on who is the boss of the courtyard. I have some really cute videos of them chasing each other around the house. They’ve been such a fun bunch together. The past week, Jack is entering super boisterous puppy mode, which magnificent Roger is totally uninterested in. Lately you’ll find Rog tanning on the table of our garden furniture, out of puppy craziness’ reach. Rog is never put in to a position where he can’t get away or escape. He is always a hop away from a safe zone if Jack starts annoying him. All puppies need to be taught some manners by the other pets in the home, and Rog is doing a really good job.

20140801_181632If anything, Rog spends a lot more time in the house. He is super intrigued by this whole ‘Jack’ business. And because I am the worst pet-mommy, Roger still sleeps in our bed some nights and still hops in with us for his morning cuddle and scratch. One night they BOTH slept in our bed, which meant them playing and chasing at in the middle of the night. Please know that it is very unpleasant to have a giant rabbit with sharp nails jump on to your face at 2am. There were many beeping words from the husband (Roger would never do that to me – only to Graeme. He secretly hates him but mostly tolerates his presence in our home)

20140802_112221 20140802_112538 IMG_20140722_123746 IMG_20140726_134937 IMG_20140802_122105We’re crazy in love with this boy and I can’t wait to tell you more about him. He’s incredibly intelligent and hasn’t given us a stitch of trouble. He’s so good natured, affectionate and happy all the time – it really is contagious. We can’t wait to set him loose in our new, enormous garden at our new home. We love you, Jack! PS Does anyone have any advice on house training a puppy? Asking for Graeme’s sanity.