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It was a blustery, blustery day.

We live in a little village near the city center. All the nannies know each other and hang out with the kiddies every day via the park, library and play dates. They’re like this little posse that hang out every day and the nannies are all awesome. Often I’ll get home to the twins hanging out at the house or a few other of their closer friends stuck in the boys toy box.
For Benjamin’s birthday, I planned a little party at the local park for all the nannies and kidlings. The wind was terrible, so it turned in to a little impromptu party at our house. It was chaos, but super fun. A lot of cake, ice cream, fizzers, fizz pops, watermelon, fruit, muffins and cheese curls were consumed. We did a little Thomas the Tank Engine theme and everyone got a little party pack.
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Cape Town Festival of Beer and the one where Bees Knees came THIRD.

I was part of the 2012 Blogger Brew Challenge with top bloggers – Natalie (Tails of a Mermaid), Dan (Bangers and Nash), Life is Savage, Dylan (Mr Cape Town) and Stephanie (Stephanie Be) among others. The judging took place last week and we got a super fancy tour of Newlands Brewery which was really fun. 
Our honey infused beer was judged and can you believe that we were in the TOP THREE? Third place people, that’s like a bronze for beer brewing. There were loads of eats and drinks at the judging and they spoiled us something silly. Thanks so much to SAB and the organizers. It was a great experience to be involved. 
On Saturday I headed out to the Cape Town Festival of Beer with Nikki and Nic and ran in to Matt Allison. What a great group of people. The festival was really well planned and they … Read the rest

Happy birrrrthday toooo… *dramatic pause* BENNI (this is how you sing it)

We woke Benjamin up with chocolate cake, candles, presents and a song. Man he was the happiest birthday boy that you’ve ever seen.We got him a little leap frog pad (not the fancy in colour one – just the plainer one with alphabet and stories and songs) that he LOVES and a telephone that is very chatty in a little British accent. Very cool. Nina and Vanessa sent him a beautiful little book on Rabbit’s Busy Day and a gorgeous rabbit mask for his party on Saturday. 
I also did practical mom-stuff and bought the boys each a few plain t shirts, jeans and new shoes and they each got a pile of that. Noah was such a good big brother and sang happy birthday to Ben with gusto. He was super chuffed with cake for breakfast and loved all the excitement.
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The Amazing World of Gumball Season TWO

The Amazing World of Gumball did a little “Normal just got a little weird” stunt to launch their second season. The Amazing World of Gumball is back on South African television screens every Wednesday at 17:25 on DStv channel 301.

Things got all kinds of awesome and crazy at Joburg’s Cresta shopping center when a series of normal everyday events suddenly turned out to be a little weird. Think synchronised swimmers sunbathing in the middle of the mall, plants shaking unexpectedly, dustbins moving around, runaway trolleys and people bouncing around on pogo’s. Sounds like fun right? 

Then, (obviously) a flash mob appeared with music, dancing, etc to reveal that all the “weirdness” was in actual fact the launch of the second season of the show.You can watch the video of their shenanigans at Cresta here

The Amazing World of Gumball is a multi-award-winning
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Stretchy skirts and beautiful pictures. Photos by Paul Clark. Obviously.

My brother Paul took these photos of me last week. We were really just hanging out and this is what I wore to work that day hehe. I was being a bit silly as he usually takes pictures of models and really pretty girls, but I had fun playing pretend. He is such a nice guy to take photos with, so relaxed. We did some family ones too and some lamp ones, which I’ll post later.
Boys, by the time you get to this blog I’ll be in my late thirties or early forties. Touch the wood from every tree in every forest that I can still pull of horizontal stripes, and that I still laugh and play this much. This is mommy at twenty eight. Would be great to keep the outfit and take the same ones every ten years. Thank goodness the skirt is stretchy. Thank you Paul for … Read the rest