Raising Men review: The Spindel (by Benjamin)

We received this awesome little gadget at the Raising Men home a few weeks ago. It’s called The Spindel and I’m totally addicted to it. The kids too. The Spindel is basically a dryer, well… No wait. Once you’ve done your wash cycle, then you pop the clothes in to this little machine and it spins the daylights (water) out of it. It’s safe, quiet, and fun to use. The boys do all of this. They run to the machine, load it, pack it and fetch a little container for the water. Then they just sit there for about ten seconds until all the excess water comes gushing out. 
It takes about two or three minutes for like, a whole tupperware of water to be extracted. Then there’s a little safety feature. You turn the knob to switch it off, and it locks half way. Then in a few seconds time it automatically flicks so you can open it (once it’s done spinning like a madman). They boys then ‘oooh and aaaah’ over how dry everything is, and then they take all the almost-dry clothes out and put it in the laundry basket. It really is their favorite little thing to help with at home. 
We love it, as I hate hate (hate) having a garden full of wet laundry, and it’s just too much on electricity to tumble dry, if you had a tumble dryer -which we don’t. The clothes are like 80% dry when they come out of this little gadget and then it’s literally ten or twenty minutes in the sun and done. Some items come out completely dry or ready to iron. It uses very little electricity – I think the same as an average light bulb, and it takes two or three minutes to do it’s thing. 
Anyway, it’s awesome and we use it every day. By us, I really mean Noah and Benjamin use it. I’m not complaining. Want one? Want to know more? Go here: www.spindel.co.za  for stockists and contact details.