I’m done, and now I need a name. Will I be the Brew Master? Giveaway

Guys. We (Graeme) bottled our beer this morning. We left it a few extra days so that it’s really mature. Not really, I was just too tired to do anything last night. So this morning it all went in to clean, fancy bottles of awesome. Here are some pictures of the mission that was washing and sterilizing.

So everything is done and waiting and erm, brewing? We made a few different kinds of beers and more like ciders. We bottled the original brew, and then we made some with a little bit of honey and some with food coloring… Yes, we really enjoyed doing this and playing around with it. 
So right now, while it’s sitting for about a week, I need to prep for the judging. I am against nine other bloggers, culinary experts and media folk. All of our beer is going to be sampled at the Blogger
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