Daily Archives: October 9, 2012

Educare Center and Sponsor Crush with Pampers, Avent and Freshline.

So I have to tell you about this. A few months ago, my friend Susana was on set in Gugulethu and she became very involved with the community. Susana is a blogger / radio presenter / producer / actress / social entrepreneur and we’re always looking for little projects to work on together. 
She discovered this Educare Center and this wonderful, local woman that is doing all sorts of community upliftment in the area. Susana rallied her team at 2OceansVibe together, and they assisted and interacted with the kids (all aged 1 to 5) on Mandela Day. I wasn’t able to attend, but Susana and I both feel that our communities need help on every day of the week, not just an hour on set days. 
I got in touch with my sponsors, namely Pampers, Philips Avent and Freshline Spar, and asked if they would be keen to get involved
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