A house full of rabbits is where I call home.

I don’t talk nearly enough about Charlie and Lola, and how they have completely changed our home. They are so tame, curious and adorable. The boys play with them every single day. They feed, stroke, cuddle and hang out with the bunnies for hours. Noah likes to include Lola in all his activities. Sitting on the couch, going down the slide (it’s a small, 1m slide and I am positive that Lola digs it) and riding bikes and even at sleeping time. They are downright comical. We give them apples some days and they lose their little rabbit heads. Charlie just runs in circles and hops over invisible objects. 
Benjamin was a bit rough with them in the beginning and we had to supervise all bunny to bunny interaction, but he is a lot better now. Noah is super gentle and affectionate, especially with Lola, who I suspect is his … Read the rest