We got a Border Collie! His name is Jack, and he is the very, very best dog.

IMG_20140803_140828I totally forgot to tell my blog that we got a DOG. Yes yes a real dog. Wait, we also got a new house which is why we got a new dog and it’s all so flippin’ exciting that you wouldn’t even believe it. Guys. He is the most amazing little pup. We’ve always loved both Staffies and Border Collies. Those are just THE dogs for me. I grew up with Staffies: Madonna, Wilbur, Sebastian and Caine. They were the BEST. We really wanted a Collie because of their sweet natures and intelligence. Also: How do you say no to those gorgeous blue eyes? We had to act super fast to get him as he was the only blue-eyed boy in the litter! Then we had to arrange his transport from George and it was just so exciting – all of it!

20140720_163042Jack is an absolute treat. While puppies are … Read the rest

Writers write and all of that. A tiny little baby Raising Men announcement

I love writing. I’ve been doing it for as long as I can remember. Raising Men has been an incredible outlet for me to learn, grow and enjoy my little road as a maybe / am I really? writer. I’m¬†excruciatingly excited to tell you that I’ve just signed up with two phenomenal brands and platforms as an on-board writer. I keep refreshing my inbox in expectation that they’ve realised their awful mistake, and that they’re going to call the whole thing off.

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 8.16.28 PM

I’ll be writing a monthly column for Parent24. I wrote a little something for them a few months ago, and since then I’ve been welcomed in as a permanent feature. Isn’t that something? And… I have to brag because this is the BIGGEST deal for me, because Scott from Parent24 said something along the line of “All of us here enjoy your writing and humour” —> okay … Read the rest

A very merry un-birthday, to us.


I’m turning 30 next week.I’m supposed to write something. About how much I’ve learned and how grown up I am and how I’m all scared of getting old. Or something. I have no infinite wisdom for you. Getting older doesn’t even matter. Right now, it’s just something on the calendar that I have to get through in order to carry on with everything else. I’m not sad or ungrateful. I’m just really, really focused right now. I’m like that cartoon dog that catches a scent… and his tail goes all pointy and he ignores everyone else. Which cartoon was that? Was it Pluto? No I’m sure it wasn’t Pluto.

I am just so focused right now. I don’t mind putting the work in (I publicly enjoy on it) because it’s for ME and there’s something quite liberating and excruciating about all of it… All these little projects that are happening … Read the rest

Hisense has released their flagship handset. And you’re gonna want one!

Last week I received this gorgeous phone /¬† tablet from Hisense. Wait, what? Yes yes. It’s a little bit of both – a super sleek and elegant little tablet that is just small enough to use as a phone too! It’s a smaller tablet… that makes phone calls. I love it, the kids love it, and it’s incredibly versatile and easy to use!

HiSense PhabletI’d say this is a great gadget for business women and moms on the go! It’s an easy access tablet that you can just pop in to your bag without covers, stands and pouches! Use it to show clients work or reference, make changes to notes and documents very easily with a big, bright display! And finally – it can make phone calls, log in to Whatsapp, Instagram, Skype and all your other favourite Play Store apps. Internet banking is a charm on this Hisense handset! … Read the rest

TEN benefits & facts about running and THREE upcoming races to enter!

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 7.50.02 PM

It’s been such a long, (mostly uphill) road for me! I started out with running a few months ago and never imagined how much I’d love it. I really was a BEGINNER on every level. Right now I’m still brand new at all of this. My first 21km was a project or experiment. People ask why I started running as if it was my idea and it really wasn’t. I had signed up with Knysna Oyster Festival as a beginner Sports Writer of sorts, and it was an assignment. It was a challenge I could NOT turn down. I worked really hard for the opportunity – I trained, saw numerous medical professionals, kitted out, joined a gym and spent tiny baby fortunes on shoes, accessories and everything else I needed. We’ve spoken about all of this. Sorry. I really just can’t get over it – all of it. I still … Read the rest