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MRP_MMS_2Now, I don’t attend many events or launches or things. Part because “two kids, two dogs, two bunnies, husband, two businesses, blog, gym and household” and part… I’m kinda shy. People never believe me when I say this? When G comes with me to events he’s all like… “go talk to people” and mostly I just can’t. So what does Tash do? She RSVPs to an event where she has to be in GYM GEAR (Lycra pants not the most flattering) and vests (be still my wobbly arms) and do actual tasks and challenges and obstacle courses in FRONT OF OTHER BLOGGERS. At events, you sip champagne and tweet and try not to get canapes all over your shirt. I can barely handle that.

But you know what, I’m so flippen excited and proud of ME! A few months ago I wrote about my weight gain and how unhappy I … Read the rest

Good times, bad times and all sorts of times at The Bunny House lately.

IMG_20141009_213301I’ve been writing for a few other publications, sites and blogs lately and getting my writing kicks where I can. I haven’t really been putting this blog as priority lately, and just going with it as we do. I got really in to food, health, fitness, local travel… Raising Men has changed with us and our interests over the years, which is why I can’t really label it as any sort of platform in particular. We’re just a little bit of everything these days. However, here’s a little time capsule of us, if you will.

IMG_0769Noah is such a little champion. We had him assessed with an Educational Psychologist where they checked on all aspects of his personality, emotional and mental development. It’s so important to do this. It’s SO important. A lot of things just ‘clicked’ in our feedback report. So many little quirks about Noah just started making … Read the rest

How CHANGE affected us. Share your #LoveChange stories and WIN!

I’m writing my story of CHANGE today. Our little family has gone through so many changes over the past three months. Some great, some not. When I was little I loved the idea of change and adventure – an excitement and gift that has stayed with me in to adulthood. Every strategic change we’ve made has improved our lives in great measure, and some unexpected changes have helped mould us in to the family we are today.

Change-quotes-tumblr-4Perhaps the most unexpected and traumatic change we’ve undergone was my retrenchment. When we lived in Joburg, I used to work at a Production Company as a TV Producer. It was a job that I loved and that kept us comfortable for about 2 years. When I went on maternity leave with Benjamin, things changed. Shows were cancelled, positions moved around and jobs were lost. I was supposed to return to work the … Read the rest

{GIVEAWAY} You can WIN a weekend at Grootbos for the whole family!

We recently spent another weekend at Grootbos, because we really can’t get enough. They’re our favourite travel destination in the Western Cape for so many reasons. You can read my post on our latest holiday there on their blog (published today) > 5 Reasons to choose Grootbos as your next Family Travel Destination. I cannot rave about this place enough, you simply must, must go. It’s the perfect holiday spot for the whole family.

Everything 14  Everything 17 Facilities 10 Facilities 11 Facilities 12 Food 3 Luxury 1 Luxury 3 Luxury 7 Luxury 15

Right now, I’m GIVING away a weekend for a a couple or family at Grootbos so you can create wonderful family memories together. You can WIN 2 nights for 2 adults and 2 children (under 10) in a Two-Bedroom Suite at the Grootbos Garden Lodge! Entering is super easy. To WIN, you need to

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Find your FUN at the Crocs Massive Sale NOW – 31 October, South Africa

IMG_20141006_124042IMG_20141006_124610Crocs is currently hosting a massive, massive sale. Selected styles are going from R50! Expect to pay between R50 and R150 rand on some gorgeous shoes for the whole family. Maybe when Crocs first arrived in SA they had a slightly bad rep on the clogs, but Crocs has EVOLVED to create super comfortable, stylish and fashionable shoes in a variety of styles using all sorts of fabrics and other materials.

20141006_125319IMG_20141006_124331IMG_20141006_124307We went to Access Park to check it out this morning because SALE and because SHOES and SUMMER. We walked out an hour and 8 pairs of shoes later, feeling like proper lucky people. Gorgeous, high quality shoes that were usually R650 were R200 and cut from R300 to R100 and so forth. I bought shoes for all of us, and got my mom and I a matchy pair of pink beach slops. I love matchy-matchy!

20141006_12524020141006_12521320141006_125158I got the … Read the rest