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Accessories 8504Lately, Graeme and I have really enjoyed decorating our home and collecting beautiful pieces to liven up the space. Our new house has loads of light, gorgeous floors and a lot of open space. Graeme just designed and made a dining room table for us, which I absolutely love! The boys really enjoy helping us cook and bake in the kitchen, so we really needed two little bar stools for our kitchen counter. We got these beautiful, perfect stools from Coricraft and they’re just stunning. This is our dining room and kitchen area below, with our gorgeous new kitchen stools.


IMG_20140919_043718They got in touch to tell me about their “Just Unpacked” collection and to celebrate, they’re giving a R1000 voucher to one of my readers! How awesome?

Having something new in the house really livens up the space. With their ‘Just Unpacked’ range, you’ll find more ways to mix and … Read the rest

“It’s a beautiful day to save lives, people. Let’s have fun” – Derek Shepherd.

Hi I’m just here quickly to tell you that The Sunflower Fund’s National Bandana Day is on 12 October. What is Sunflower Fund? Clue: It has nothing to do with Sunflowers: The Sunflower Fund was formed in 1999 by parents whose children had contracted leukemia, and in some cases had lost their battle against it. Leukemia is a group of cancers that start in the bone marrow and results in high volumes of abnormal white blood cells. Symptoms include bleeding and bruising problems, feeling very tired and an increased risk of infections. Treatment is chemotherapy, radiation therapy and bone marrow transplants. Doesn’t sound very great, does it? Leukemia is the most common cancer amongst children. In 2012 leukemia developed in 352,000 people globally and caused 265,000 deaths. Sometimes all that these kids need is some bone marrow. Bone marrow that you have laying around and don’t really need. We’re … Read the rest

Noah is styled by Keedo! Cute kids clothing made and loved in South Africa

IMG_0768I LOVE dressing the boys. I always thought I’d want a girl to play dress-up with, but boys are so… Cool. They also love getting messy, climbing, digging, swinging, rolling and falling. Boys are busy! Girls are too, but I mean boys are… really busy. I’m a bit sneaky with their clothes – I buy everything a size or two too big so they can grow in to stuff. I mean, Noah and Ben are almost 2 years apart and they’re the same size! With all my hand-me-down dreams properly deflated, I’m really trying to make their clothes last as long as possible. Ideally, their clothes need to last two years – so they NEED to be good quality. I’ve bought clothes that haven’t survived 3 months with my two. I see all the mom’s in the audience nodding in agreement (I see you).

The boys’ individuality has really started … Read the rest

Giveaway!! Win a night for 2 at the Old Mac Daddy in Elgin, Western Cape

ABM_1409577469I love writing about travel! Through many opportunities, we’ve been able to see and explore some really beautiful areas in and around Cape Town. Some are via invitation, but mostly they’re not. Graeme and I love nothing more than grabbing the kids and finding great and fun things to do. Through writing about travel, I hope to show you some really great ideas for getaways and even day trips! We’re not foodies, we’re not critics and we’re 100% in it for the fun, to share, document and to explore.

Though I like showing you great places to go, eat, stay and check out – I also know that it’s not doable for everyone. I also know that some people need a nice little shove out the door and out of their comfort zone. So here’s your little nudge! I’m GIVING away #secretSunday night for TWO at Old Mac Daddy in Read the rest