I ran the Momentum Cape Times Knysna Forest 1/2 Marathon: My Story


I wanted to write this while it’s still so fresh in my heart. While my legs still hurt, and my eyes well up every time I think about it. It’s a feeling that I hope will stay with me for a very long time. It’s like your heart and soul is full and warm and satisfied. Wait… we need to go back a bit.

I signed up for my first half marathon (21km) about 8 weeks ago. I was encouraged by Knysna Oyster Festival and Knysna Tourism to accept the challenge to run the Momentum Cape Times Knysna Forest Half Marathon. At first, I laughed. It was just that: laughable. I was not a runner, I was not fit and at that point, not very healthy. I’d recently published a few posts on my rapid and awful weight gain and general unhappiness with my health and body image. I didn’t … Read the rest

A last goodbye before I head off to the Knysna Oyster Festival & my 21km!


It’s finally here! In just 2 days time I’ll be pinning my race number to freshly washed shirt and waiting for the bus to shuttle me and thousands of other runners to the Momentum Cape Times Knysna Forest Half Marathon. Weve dropped the boys with my mom, put food out for Roger, organized a house sitter and packed all the IDs and I’m at the airport. It’s really, really here. Like… Really.

8 weeks ago I couldn’t run around my block twice without stopping. Back then, this all seemed completely and utterly improbable. Laughable, even. As I navigated my way through sports bras, blisters, chafing and cramps I gained an incredible amount of respect for this sport. This passion.

In my naivety I assumed that to run well, you simply needed to lace up a pair of shoes and get going. Right now, I’m on my third set of … Read the rest

The Pick n Pay Knysna Oyster Festival ’14 – Where to stay, eat and play!


I went to the Pick n Pay Knysna Oyster Festival last year and it was EPIC! I traveled with Keri from Midlands Musings – A South African Blog about fitness, health, travel, thoughts and ideas! We had such a phenomenal time. We did everything from Treetop adventures, whale watching, bunjee jumping, elephant petting, feasting, almost-paragliding and wine tasting. If you’re looking for fun, festivities and adventure for the whole family, then the Knysna Oyster Festival is for you. It’s for everyone. VIEW ALL THE KNYSNA OYSTER FESTIVAL EVENTS HERE. There is so much to do – especially for kids! Despite the weather, Knysna Tourism refuses to move Oyster Festival so that the whole family can enjoy the festivities. This year I’ll be writing and working on assignment, but please take your kids – there is an insane amount of things for them to do. Even kiddies foam parties! … Read the rest

2014 Workout Playlist for Running: Outdoors or Treadmill: 40 Minutes


As you really SHOULD know by now, I’ve entered this year’s Momentum Cape Times Knysna Forest Half Marathon. It has been such an incredible journey. I had a quick start, but then the setbacks rolled and rolled -  from incorrect shoes, injuries, the onset of stress fractures, the weather and so many more ‘bad’ running days than good ones. After signing with a dietician (thank you SO MUCH Leanne Tee and the Pick n Pay team!!!), switching to new shoes (I LOVE the guys over at The Sweatshop, and my new Asics!!) and after some time with my Physiotherapist… Things are slowly coming right! Pushing through the hard part in this has taught me so much. I have the world’s respect for runners now. I never understood any of it. I honestly thought that you just put on some shoes and GO. In retrospect… my naivety is humiliatingly … Read the rest

Cape Town Dining: The Roundhouse Winter Special & their NEW Lunch!


We recently visited The Roundhouse Restaurant in Camps Bay for their Winter Dinner Special (#RHWinterSpecial) and a tasting from their brand new #RHWinterLunch. During Summer, The Roundhouse boasts their pristine Rumbullion Lawns for lazy, casual breakfast and lunch with Fine Dining indoors for dinner. Fine dining includes their famous Tasting Menu and Wine Pairing which I can tell from experience is absolutely exquisite. I think what stood out for me the most was the incredible service and attention to detail – coupled with romance, comfort and the most delicious and luxurious meal that we’ve had in a long time!

Even our menus were personalized with our names and a congratulatory message on something we were celebrating! We received a complimentary glass of champagne upon seating and a thorough introduction from our waiter to familiarize ourselves with The Roundhouse, their facilities and the menu. The Sommelier greeted us with an overview … Read the rest